We help advertisers buy quality, guaranteed inventory directly from publishers. No middle man. Fully Transparent. Self-serve.

  • Real-time stats. Schedule reports. Track performance by creative and site.
  • Consolidate billing. Pay all publishers with the same payment method.
  • Subscription based, so you can “set and forget” your favorite placements. You can also cancel underperformers at any time.
  • Knowledgeable, speedy help from our friendly support staff.
  • Access to thousands of quality, pre-screened publishers at your fingertips.
  • Fully-automated, self-serve interface. You don’t even have to talk to any humans! (unless you want to)
  • A/B test as many creatives as you like. Pause the non-performers with one click.
  • Fast and elegant system.

Guaranteed Inventory 

You’re guaranteed the inventory that you purchase. There’s no bidding and no games. Once you’ve purchased a space, it’s yours as long as you want it – weeks, months, or even years…

Direct buying that scales 

Picture yourself manually managing 10, 20, or even 30 different ad placements with independent publishers; it’s a mess. With RoboAds you’re able to consolidate billing, reporting, placement management, and support. Just think how much time you’ll save!

A Trusted 3rd Party 

Whether you’re spending $100 or $100,000 per month, you want to feel secure. Advertisers have a reason to trust RoboAds, as we process tens of thousands of transactions a month, and do everything to ensure we operate the safest environment for advertisers and publishers to transact.

Incredibly Transparent

Our marketplace is incredibly transparent. You can see pricing for every ad zone, what inventory is available, how long we’ve worked with each publisher, and exactly where each ad appears on their site. You won’t find another ad marketplace with the same level of honest and easy interaction..

Technology for the modern advertiser

It seems like every ad network has a “Super Algorithm Doubler,” patent pending, incredibly futuristic ad engine that will turn your ad into gold using cutting-edge science. We like to call these gimmicks S.A.D., because that’s what they are.

How about a human engine? Hand picked sites from knowledgeable & astute professionals. This can be RoboAds if you want help, or it can be you if you’d like to take the reins. We have the technology to power your campaigns, and more importantly, the power is in your hands – not in the hands of a thousand lines of code that think they know your audience better than you do.

Access thousands of independent publishers

You can search thousands of carefully screened publishers for the perfect fit, using an ad marketplace that brings transparency to a new level. Traffic levels, pricing, and social rankings are immediately visible; skip the prolonged back and forth between you and individual publishers.

Elegant and intuitive interface

It’s easy to use and it just works. We have a team of interface engineers who hand craft each and every pixel with the intent of leaving a smile on your face. Life is short, wouldn’t you rather spend your precious time using beautiful software?

We’re with you

RoboAds was born out of frustration with online advertising. We built this company to solve these frustrations and make advertising easy and effective. We are here to take you to the next level; to help you do a better job purchasing, managing, & optimizing your ad campaigns.